L’Oréal recognised as a leader in sustainability by the UN Global Compact

The company has been heralded for putting the SDGs at the core of its growth and for its ambitious 2030 targets

L’Oreal commits to ‘green science-based future’

The cosmetics company aims to have 95% of its ingredients from renewable plant sources by 2030

‘World’s first’ cosmetic plastic bottle made from industrial CO2 emissions unveiled

L’Oréal and Total have teamed up with the carbon recycling biotech firm LanzaTech, which converts emissions into ethanol before is turned to polyethylene

L’Oréal to have all its sites carbon-neutral by 2025

The cosmetics giant pledges to reduce its entire greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in ten years

L’Oréal launches €150m programme to fight climate change

Several initiatives will target the regeneration of damaged natural ecosystems and support the circular economy

L’Oreal says landfill gas energy is worth it

Cosmetics giant L’Oreal has announced it is planning to use green gas from landfill sites to provide renewable power to its facilities in the US

Suppliers fail in climate risk strategy

Multinationals aren’t able to manage climate risks due to the lack of strategies in their supply chain. That’s according to a new report by CDP which asked more than 7,800 suppliers of 75 multinationals for environmental information and climate risk strategies. The firms which include L’Oreal, Coca Cola, Dell, Unilever and Goldman Sachs, represent $2 trillion […]

Beauty firm cuts CO2 emissions by over half

A global beauty company has cut its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 57% since the launch of its sustainability program. L’Oreal USA has saved nearly 60,000 metric tons of CO2 since the scheme ‘Sharing Beauty with All’ started in 2013. Chairman and CEO of L’Oreal Jean-Paul Agon said: “We are particularly proud to unveil these […]

US businesses urge strong policy action on climate change

A total of 32 international companies and consumer brands, including L’Oreal, Nestle (pictured), Nike and eBay joined forces yesterday urging the US policy makers to take action on climate change. The firms signed a “climate declaration” in support of climate change policy, suggesting a response to the climate challenge is “one of the greatest American […]