Local authorities granted £25m to accelerate net zero transition

Projects include developing a financing model for new low carbon heat networks in Lancashire and rural energy hubs in Orkney

UK Government urged to create ‘local net zero charter’

The establishment of this charter could accelerate the net zero transition, foster green job growth and strengthen partnerships between the government and local authorities, according to a new report

‘For net zero’s success, public sector must take charge’

Confidence will be critical to its achievement by 2050, an ADE report claims

British public invited to give their views on net zero review

The month-long call for evidence is aimed at the public, businesses and local authorities to give them a chance to share their views on the green transition

More than half of councils “not confident” of meeting net zero targets

Energy efficiency is the single most important measure toward net zero, according to a survey

‘Three quarters of councils have not started delivering on net zero’

Most councils do not currently have the resources available to meet their net zero goals, according to a new survey

Around 60% of local authorities find it difficult to access data needed to tackle net zero

Many local authorities lack access to data and the ability to put it to use in their net zero journey