Liverpool commits to Paris Agreement for live events

Licenses will only be provided for concerts that have agreed to cut emissions by at least 50%

Mayors urge government for net zero backing

They are calling this government’s ‘golden opportunity’ for a greener future

Liverpool Uni bags £1.3m to create low carbon chemistry lab

Energy use in its lab will drop by 45% in the next four years

Liverpool’s first net zero office gets green light

The £35m project will be built in Paddington Village

First Hydrogen looks to increase domestic green hydrogen production

It has found four sites in the UK it deems fit for the building of new facilities

‘Energy use must half’ for Liverpool to be net zero by 2040

That’s according a report from the city’s Combined Authority, claiming £45bn will need to be invested

Liverpool to produce glass using hydrogen in world first

The trial aims to demonstrate how hydrogen can provide a feasible solution to clean up energy intensive industries

Which Premier League team emits the most carbon?

A new report has collated the data of the distances travelled by last season’s teams and calculated the emissions this has produced in the past five years – who comes out on top?

Plans unveiled for low carbon power station at Hynet cluster

The partnership between HyNet North West and InterGen could reduce carbon emissions from the power station in Runcorn by more than 150,000 tonnes every year