UK and Canada agree deal on EVs and solar

Collaboration on cobalt and lithium has been sealed, as demand looks to rise by 500% by 2040

Despite drop, lithium still costs eight times more than last year

Due to less demand for EVs in China, the price of its lithium has dipped by 30% – analysis suggests

Prices of EVs could rise by 10% in 2024

That’s the warning from carmakers, after EU rules on manufacturing are set to change in two years

West developing EV batteries to fight China’s dominance

Companies are looking to build batteries using sodium and sulphur instead of lithium, cobalt and nickel

UK’s first large-scale lithium site gets green light

The Middlesbrough facility will put the UK on the map when it comes to processing the metal critical to EVs, phones and wind farms

Disposable vapes a ‘climate nightmare’

Enough are reportedly thrown away each year with batteries able to power 1,200 EVs

Can a battery charge your electric car in 10 mins?

Researchers think they’ve found the answer

Skidmore tells investors to ignore fracking

He is calling for the government to push renewable investment and avoid reliance on other nations for energy production

Samsung Electronics splashing $5bn on net zero aim

It is looking to reach net zero by 2050

US launches $675m programme to expand critical materials supply chains

Critical materials are required for manufacturing many clean energy technologies, including batteries, EVs, wind turbines and solar panels