The Carbon Column – Road transport: which direction?

In post I focus on the dark side of lithium, a metal that could be more harmful than helpful

Battery demand bursting at the seams in China

The clamour for electric vehicles in China has left companies scrambling to meet demand for lithium batteries. According to research firm CCM, the production of lithium-ion batteries is set to jump 400% by 2017. Companies like Samsung and LG invested more than $325m (£215m) in China’s lithium-ion battery market last year and the research company expects […]

Global Energy Prize goes to rechargeable batteries

The maker of rechargeable batteries used in electric cars has won a Global Energy Prize, it was announced this week. The awards recognise outstanding achievements across the world in energy research and technology and come with a total $1.2 million (£790m) to help laureates fund future research projects. Japanese scientist Dr Akira Yoshino won the […]