High Court rules government net zero aim falls short of the mark

The 2050 plan lacks sufficient detail, the court has found

New York governor signs three bills to spur energy efficiency and clean energy

They will support the state’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 85% by 2050

Energy Security Bill introduced into Parliament

These 26 new measures have been set to put the UK on a path to a cleaner, domestic energy market

Government clamps down on water quality

New laws are coming into play to make sure water companies cut sewage leaks

Northern Ireland votes in bill for net zero by 2050

The new bill has taken amendments from the Green Party and other private members

Tighter laws to stop ‘bin criminals’

Waste crime cost England £924m three years ago and the government is stepping up action

New Sustainable Skies Act to promote transition to greener aviation fuel

It would establish a blender’s tax credit for SAF, which is expected to spur the production of SAF and help the US airline industry to reach its goal of eliminating net carbon emissions by 2050

Webinar: Overcoming the policy hurdles of reaching net zero

In case you missed this live webinar, you can catch up here

European Parliament adopts new legislation on sustainable investments

Green finance which claims to be sustainable will have to prove this by following strict criteria

Environment Agency to launch biowaste sector review

It says the biowaste sector is critical to a closed loop, circular economy as well as helping meet renewable energy targets