LanzaTech and Sumitomo Riko team up to recycle rubber and resin

They intend to produce a key chemical intermediate, isoprene, which is produced by plants – and along with polymers – is the main component of natural rubber

‘Game-changer’: Project transforms captured carbon into plastic feedstock

It is believed to be a ‘technological breakthrough’ with significant impacts in multiple sectors, including packaging and textiles

Coty to launch ‘world’s first’ carbon-captured ethanol fragrances

Carbon-captured ethanol involves nearly zero water consumption and reduces the need for agricultural land

Zara to make dresses from carbon emissions

The retail brand has partnered with LanzaTech to turn steel mill emissions into party dresses

lululemon and LanzaTech to work out fabric production using recycled carbon emissions

By capturing industrial emissions and reusing the carbon to make yarn, the finished garments not only have a lower carbon footprint but ensure community pollution levels are reduced

Shell invests in US sustainable aviation fuel start-up LanzaJet

The investment comes as the company continues its work to develop the first Alcohol-to-Jet facility of its kind, a commercial-scale plant with 10m gallons per year capacity