Johnson Controls issues $500m sustainability-linked bond

It will pay a higher interest rate to bond investors if it fails to meet its interim targets for reducing Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by September 2025

EU approves sale of Johnson Controls’ power business to Brookfield

Its business unit develops batteries for cars

Battery producer sees the positive side of recycling

The world’s largest manufacturer of lead-acid batteries has formed a recycling partnership with a cleantech firm. Johnson Controls has agreed to supply Aqua Metals with batteries to recycle and then buy back the metals produced. Aqua Metals, which recently opened its first plant in Nevada, uses a water-based, room-temperature electrochemical process to recycle lead, as opposed to high-temperature smelting […]

Sky and Centrica make world sustainable ranking

Australian bank Westpac won the top spot in a list of ‘Global 100’ sustainable corporations ahead of US pharma firm Biogen. A number of oil and gas companies featured: Norway’s Statoil came fourth, Anglo-Dutch firm Shell narrowly missed making the top 50 and British oil firm BG was ranked 71st. Energy provider Centrica was the […]

Hawaii airports going green to save $518m

Hawaii’s airports are undergoing a giant revamp to slash energy use by 49% and save the US state at least $518 million (£315m) in energy costs over the next 20 years. The state’s six major islands have 15 airports including Honolulu airport (pictured). The project will help Hawaii towards an ambitious target of getting 70% of […]

Business interest in energy efficiency rises 10%

The business community’s interest in energy efficiency has risen 10% according to new research. Researchers at the Johnson Controls Institute for Building Efficiency surveyed 3,000 respondents from 10 countries around the world for its 2013 Energy Efficiency Indicator (EEI) study released last week. It seems firms who talk the talk are also more likely to walk the […]

UK ‘green’ bank’s first efficiency investment

The UK’s “green” bank has made a £50 million commitment for energy efficiency projects in an effort to help businesses cut energy bills. The Green Investment Bank (GIB), officially opened yesterday, provided the cash to Sustainable Development Capital (SDCL) for its ‘Energy Efficiency Investments Fund’. It will give £5 million from the investment to Kingspan […]

Monaco curbs energy excess in public buildings

The nation widely associated with casinos, Grace Kelly and the Grand Prix is planning to curb its excesses – in some ways at least. Monaco is embarking on an energy saving project to cut back its yearly energy costs by nearly a third (27%) through retrofitting five of its public buildings. This is part of […]

Empire State Building to save “millions” on energy

The Empire State Building is ahead of its target to save more than two million dollars (£1.4 million) with its new energy efficiency measures. The owners of New York’s famous skyscraper carried out a retrofit project last year which is slated to cut the office building’s energy use by 38%. Anthony Malkin of the Empire […]

American firm cleared of Chinese environmental harm

An American company has been cleared of allegations that dangerous levels of lead poisoning could be resulting from a plant it owns near Shanghai in China. An independent panel, led by the China Research Academy of Environmental Science, included experts in environmental protection and the lead-acid battery industry. The group confirmed that Johnson Controls could […]