Europe ‘should set binding e-kerosene target for airlines’

According to official data, pre-Covid aviation accounted for 3.7% of all European emissions

Expander Energy pledges to produce net zero carbon fuels by 2024

It is developing the Slave Lake Biomass/Gas to Liquids plant, which will produce net zero carbon intensity diesel fuel, jet fuel and blue hydrogen, with a capacity of 22m litres per year

Complete switch to hydrogen-powered flights ‘could be possible by 2050’

Hydrogen could be used in commercial flights to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2025, says new report

DHL plans ‘perfect flight’ to save jet fuel and reduce CO2 emissions

The logistics firm will take several steps to ensure the ‘perfect flight’ including a pre-flight engine washing to improve aerodynamics, a smart flight planning system and an optimised take-off route

Lufthansa to fly with green fuel made from sunlight

Researchers have discovered a way to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and together with water and sunlight convert it into a synthesis gas

Velocys says ‘first of its kind’ waste-to-fuel facility could be built in just four years

The firm says sustainable aviation fuel is vital to decarbonising the UK and calls for government support to build its proposed Humber plant

Neste provides renewable jet fuel to Zurich Airport for Davos event

The firm is blending its fuel with fossil jet fuel, allowing business jets operating in Zurich during the World Economic Forum event to use it to reduce their emissions

Passenger plane
Renewable jet fuel could see sky-high emissions savings of up to 80%

Sustainable fuel producer Neste suggests the Finnish public are supportive of cleaner aviation

BP signs $30m deal for rubbish jetfuel

BP has invested $30 million (£24.20) in a low carbon developer, which makes biofuel from rubbish. The BP Ventures and Air BP arms of the company have entered a strategic partnership with Fulcrum Bioenergy, agreeing to buy 50 million gallons of biofuel each year for a decade. In addition, Air BP will distribute and supply the jet-engine biofuel at key airports across the US. Fulcrum’s […]

Low carbon jet fuel nears take-off

A company has produced jet fuel for Virgin Atlantic by fermenting waste gas from steel mills. Called ‘Lanzanol’, the commercially viable low carbon fuel has passed all initial performance tests and is expected to result in carbon savings of 65% compared to conventional jet fuel. The low carbon fuel was developed in collaboration with the Pacific Northwest […]