World Bank warns of “dual energy shock” amid Middle East conflict

The World Bank highlights the risk of a dual energy shock as the Middle East conflict compounds existing disruptions, potentially leading to significant oil price increases and global economic impacts

Sparkling water brand SodaStream inks renewable PPA

The 15-year agreement will enable the company to transition to 100% renewables by early 2024 at all of its global production sites in Isreal

Israel launches first hydrogen fuel station

Transport is one of its most polluting sectors and has been circled as a priority for the country to lower its carbon footprint

Gas prices – ‘there’s not much Europe can do in the short term’

I speak with a consultant who thinks Europe needs to focus on stabilising the energy market before its green agenda and buy more gas

Israeli 15-min EV chargers set to hit Europe

These use kinetic energy to power the battery

Israel to plant 450,000 trees by 2040

The plan has been announced to tackle climate change and scorching temperatures