New IPCC boss: “Energy consumption is the UK’s biggest challenge of net zero”

In a recent interview, Jim Skea reflected on the swift rise of the net zero concept, which gained popularity after the IPCC’s 1.5°C report

The Carbon Column – A final thought

This is my final column, a time to reflect on the need for large scale change following the release of the AR6 Synthesis Report

UN Chief: ‘Fast-track net zero to 2040’

That’s in light of the findings of the latest IPCC report

IPCC final warning: Act now or face dire consequences

The IPCC Synthesis report will warn that urgent and sustained action is required in the 2020s to avert catastrophic consequences

‘Net zero is something for politicians to latch onto’

That’s the view who of IPCC Professor Jim Skea – who spoke about the science behind net zero and climate change

‘China at high risk to climate impacts’

China is home to 16 of the 20 regions most vulnerable to climate change in the world, a study has found

‘Skiing in doubt’, says WMO

This is after record temperatures in Europe of more than 20°C in the New Year

‘50% chance 1.5°C could be breached by 2030’

That’s according to a report shared at COP27

UN: ‘Energy firms are measuring emissions but numbers don’t add up’

Since last year, 12 out of 60 companies that set methane reduction aims are not on track to achieve them

Lee Dixon questions global warming’s existence

The pundit cast doubt on the subject during commentary on the Premier League clash between Arsenal and Man Utd