Lee Dixon questions global warming’s existence

The pundit cast doubt on the subject during commentary on the Premier League clash between Arsenal and Man Utd

Worst impacts of climate change ‘not explored enough’

Scientists claim that the world is not preparing for a worst-case scenario situation when it comes to global warming

Climate change a stronger driver of methane than expected

Methane is causing global warming more than scientists previously estimated, new research claims

UK and Egypt spark climate talks with 40 countries

The COP26 and COP27 hosts will collaborate to see how countries are living up to climate promises

How is colonisation linked to climate change?

The IPCC report mentions colonialism as a key reason for increasing temperatures – but are the two intertwined?

Twitter banning climate denial ads

It has stated it will use the work of respected bodies such as the IPCC to gauge what qualifies as climate denial

‘Methane and CO2 emissions broke new record in 2021’

The annual increase of atmospheric methane in 2021 was the largest in the last 39 years, according to new research

Harnessing the power of waste heat to drive Scotland’s net zero journey

Jody Pittaway, Sector Director Heat Networks, SSE Energy Solutions, reflects on a heat decarbonisation roundtable event including Scotland’s Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings

IPCC report a ‘file of shame’ says UN Secretary General

He says governments are to blame for their broken climate promises

IPCC says we can halve emissions by 2030 – but how?

The UN body has revealed that if this is not achieved, 1.5°C can no longer be a possibility