Leaked documents show nations do not want to cut fossil fuels ahead of COP26

Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia are reportedly some of the countries that have written a report to the UN asking for less emphasis to be put on the end of fossil fuels

UN: ‘Fossil fuel production will be more than double what is needed to stop global warming’

A new report from the UNEP claims that by 2030, governments will be producing 240% more coal than what is needed to keep warming at 1.5°C

Predicting climate change from your own home?

A new computer program has been developed to predict and give reasons for the causes of climate change

Scotland to establish new Just Transition Commission to support net zero transformation

The Commission will be chaired by climate scientist Professor Jim Skea and report annually on the progress Scotland is making to ensure a ‘greener and fairer future’

Northern Ireland lights up with £8m LED streetlamp scheme

An estimated 30,000 LED units are predicted to reduce the region’s energy consumption by 8%

Co-op: ‘Vast changes are required at pace to tackle climate threats’

The IPCC published its Sixth Assessment Report yesterday – here’s what the experts at Co-op thought…

SSE Energy Solutions: ‘The need to power change has never been more urgent’

The IPCC’s latest report on climate change is a timely reminder that we must act now to cut carbon emissions, according to SSE Energy Solutions

Gemserv: ‘Government must respond to IPCC report with action at COP26’

The IPCC published its Sixth Assessment Report yesterday – here’s what the experts at Gemserv thought…

The IPCC Report in 60 seconds…

What were the key findings and points to take from the IPCC’s report on climate change yesterday?

IPCC: ‘Some impacts of climate change are now irreversible’

The new IPCC report has revealed that many impacts of climate change are now impossible to stop – but not all hope is lost