Net Hero Podcast – Digital the next wave for net zero?

Is the net zero future based on 1 and 0? Will digitial tech drive our emissions down?

Amazon Web Services commits to become water-positive by 2030

This will ensure it will return more water to communities than it uses in its direct operations

Net Hero Podcast – Can telecoms be the key to net zero?

Nokia expert tells me that a clean future relies on using telecoms to make things work more efficiently

Net Hero Podcast – Could the grid bring net zero to a griding halt?

Join me for a conversation with a grid connections expert on the things we must do to ensure the grid is fit for a net zero world

Rural internet speed gets £5bn boost

In the last three years, gigabit internet connection has increased tenfold

Deloitte opens new renewable-powered, ‘net zero, smart’ factory in Kansas

Dubbed the ‘Smart Factory @ Wichita’, the 60,000-square-foot immersive learning centre consists of wind trees, solar assets and smart lighting and showcases ‘advanced manufacturing techniques’

New £4m funding accelerating 5G rollout

The technology is considered an essential part of the vision for ‘smart’ cities

Skyven Tech raises $4m to scale industrial emissions reductions

It uses AI to identify opportunities to cut fossil fuel consumption and an IoT platform to process real-time operating data for purposes ranging from carbon accounting to risk management

bp plugs in $7m in smart EV charging firm IoTecha

The EV company uses Internet of Things technology to connect charging points with the electricity grid, homes and buildings and enables EV owners to sell unused electricity back to the grid

Vodafone vows to eliminate all UK carbon emissions by 2027

By July 2021, its European network, across 16 countries, will be 100% powered by renewable energy sources and its fleet of cars and vans will be electric by 2027