bp plugs in $7m in smart EV charging firm IoTecha

The EV company uses Internet of Things technology to connect charging points with the electricity grid, homes and buildings and enables EV owners to sell unused electricity back to the grid

Vodafone vows to eliminate all UK carbon emissions by 2027

By July 2021, its European network, across 16 countries, will be 100% powered by renewable energy sources and its fleet of cars and vans will be electric by 2027

‘IoT will save eight times the energy it consumes by 2030’

A new report states the technology could save up to 230bn cubic metres of water and 1bn tonnes of carbon emissions by the end of the decade

Mercedes-Benz and Siemens team up for sustainable automotive production

The car manufacturer aims to digitise its production processes, with Siemens bringing its expertise and technologies to the partnership to develop highly flexible and efficient automotive production

BT partners with green tech scale-ups to help public sector transition to net zero

Everimpact and iOpt will work with BT to help UK local councils decarbonise their operations

Vattenfall to supply Microsoft with renewable energy 24/7 for Swedish data centres

It follows a pilot of the 24/7 solution last year, which will be used in three new Microsoft data centres to measure renewable energy consumption per hour

Webinar: The Digital Future of Energy Management

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AI and machine learning are no silver bullets

The U.S. Department who faces increasing climate change related challenges on its ports, training facilities and landing strips has turned to artificial intelligence for help

How AI is helping not threatening humanity

For many years the public’s perception that artificial intelligence (AI) is to be feared has been fuelled by misleading films, articles and sci-fi books

Accenture and Snam collaborate on IoT tech for sustainable energy networks

They will also analyse the growing role of renewable gases such as biomethane and hydrogen on the energy mix of the future