Bank of Finland commits to carbon-neutral investments by 2050

The central bank of Finland has pledged to channel cash flows to low carbon investments

Octopus Investments launches first sustainability fund

The fund will invest in smaller businesses that are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

‘Businesses support tax-based incentives to drive net zero’

A new report reveals that 83% of businesses would support environmental taxes and tax incentives to accelerate decarbonisation

PNC pledges $20bn in environmental finance over five years

It will provide financing for green buildings, renewable energy, clean transportation and environmental sustainability-linked bonds and loans

How do businesses invest in climate change?

A new report surveyed more than 13,500 firms, delving into their stance on climate risks, their investments to address those risks and the main influencing factors on this

‘Environmentally-friendly stocks offer better returns than polluting investments’

New research suggests there is a 30% lower chance of risk when investing in companies that fare better for the environment

Bank of America invests $314m in NY Green Bank

The financing will enable NY Green Bank to invest in more clean energy and sustainable infrastructure projects across the state, in support of New York’s goal to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030

Sustainable investments make up a third of all global assets

This is a 15% overall increase since 2018, according to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance

Net Zero Asset Managers initiative reaches $43tn in assets

More than 40 new asset managers have joined the initiative to help their clients align their portfolios with reaching net zero emissions

‘Ten million renewable jobs are waiting to be unlocked’

New research claims that green job opportunities in the UK alone could mitigate 90% of job losses caused by the pandemic