‘The charger is a gateway to an energy transition at home’

This week’s Net Hero Podcast is a special for our EV feature week, how does the future look for EVs and are they worth your investment?

Energy crisis could kill EV revolution before it’s started

As charging your car goes up, will it be worth making the switch from petrol?

WPD unveils project to help grid deal with low carbon demand

Data from smart meters will determine the stress level on the grid and the best times to charge EVs and heat pumps

UAE looks to grab 25% stake of green hydrogen market

The estimated value of this stake is around $400bn a year during a five-year period

‘EV charger availability to be 98% worse in 2031’

That’s as EV adoption outpaces charging installations, research suggests

IEA: Indonesia’s 2060 net zero plan will change its economy

The country will require $8bn a year in investment to hit net zero – and is calling on other countries to help mobilise these funds

‘US charging point frenzy could leave people of colour behind’

Black communities could be left behind in EV surge, the NAACP claims

Durham secures £1.25m to build 100 charging points

County Durham currently has the lowest share of EV chargers in the UK

Rural internet speed gets £5bn boost

In the last three years, gigabit internet connection has increased tenfold

New £100m plan for self-driving cars by 2025

Self-driving public transport is expected to be ready within three years