Scientists transform CO2 into sustainable fuel

The process is designed to contribute to initiatives aimed at decreasing industrial emissions

Industrial emissions to be tackled with new framework

Companies will now need to ensure they’re using the ‘best techniques available’ to cut their carbon

Projects to slash industrial emissions share $57.9m US funding

They will focus on innovations that can help achieve cleaner and more efficient manufacturing and give rise to the next-generation of manufacturing processes

Rondo Energy raises $22m to deploy zero carbon heat batteries

The investments from Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Energy Impact Partners will enable the company to deploy its technology to slash industrial emissions

Verdox captures $80m to develop carbon removal technology

The MIT spin-off claims its technology has the potential to capture carbon from any industrial source or the air, cutting energy use by up to 70%

Skyven Tech raises $4m to scale industrial emissions reductions

It uses AI to identify opportunities to cut fossil fuel consumption and an IoT platform to process real-time operating data for purposes ranging from carbon accounting to risk management