Bank of America joins Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials to disclose climate impacts

The bank has joined the industry partnership, which is working to develop a common framework to assess the environmental footprint of financed emissions

Around 4.6 gigatons of emissions ‘could be cut from farming sector by 2050’

The global agriculture sector currently contributes around a fifth of all global greenhouse gas emissions, a figure that is predicted to soar by as much as 20% in the near future

Only two of the world’s ten largest mining companies ‘aligned with limiting climate change to 2°C’

The Transition Pathway Initiative notes the 10 biggest mining firms directly and indirectly contribute to annual carbon emissions in excess of 1.5 billion tonnes

UK’s carbon emissions in 2019 fell to levels last seen in 1888

That’s according to a new analysis from Carbon Brief, which shows a 2.9% drop in emissions in 2019 marked a seventh consecutive year of carbon cuts for the UK

Think you’re acting green? Think again…

New research shows there is a dramatic disconnect between the behaviours people think will have a positive impact on the planet and the ones that will actually make the biggest difference

Upcoming hotel allows guests to cut costs by going green

The world’s first hotel where the price is determined by the carbon footprint of each guest’s stay is to open in the city of Kontiolahti, Finland

Zero-carbon aviation ‘unlikely to be feasible by 2050’

That’s the verdict delivered by Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, who says emissions from aviation could be reduced by around a fifth by the mid-century

More than 50 mobile operators agree to disclose climate impacts

The companies, which include AT&T, BT Group, Orange and Vodafone, are making the move as part of a major initiative led by GSMA

Chinese data centres ‘produce more emissions than 20 million cars’

The country’s data banks and server units produced a total of 99 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions last year alone

Could the real enemy of climate change turn out to be furniture?

It’s unlikely that your Chaise Longue is the sole reason the icecaps are melting but a new study suggests home furnishings do have a surprising impact on the environment