Carbon dioxide
IEA: ‘Without a major acceleration of innovative clean energy technologies, net zero targets will not be achievable’

Almost 35% of the total CO2 emissions reductions come from technologies, which are at the early stages of development, according to a new report

‘The EU is on track to meet 2030 emission targets’, says IEA

The IEA has noted a 23% decline in the EU’s greenhouse emissions in 2019 from 1990

IEA presents bold plan to bolster jobs, grow the global economy and drive down emissions

The organisation has presented its Sustainable Recovery Plan to world governments to help revitalise economies and boost employment while making energy systems cleaner and more resilient

IEA: ‘Austria could reach carbon-neutrality by 2040′

According to the IEA, while the nation’s CO2 emissions have increased since 2014, recent policy measures could fast-track the transition to clean energy

Carbon dioxide emissions
Global lockdown ‘to see global emissions fall by record 8%’, says IEA

A new report notes electricity demand around the world has been significantly reduced as a result of lockdown measures, with knock-on effects on the power mix

IEA: ‘Organic waste has huge untapped potential to provide clean energy’

A new report suggests as modern societies and economies increasingly produce organic waste, clean energy resources like biogas and biomethane could benefit sustainable development

Global energy efficiency progress at lowest rate since 2010

Primary energy intensity, an indicator of how heavily the world’s economic activity uses energy, improved by just 1.2% in 2018

Oil infrastructure
IEA: Global oil markets ‘well supplied’ after attack in Saudi Arabia

Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman announced production would be back online to normal levels by the end of the month

New tool to track oil and gas methane emissions launched

IEA analysis suggests global methane emissions from the oil and gas sectors could be reduced by nearly half at no net cost

Energy efficiency: New global high-level commission for urgent action

The panel will focus on key policy actions that can be taken by countries across the globe