IEA: ‘Renewable deployment helped limit rise in carbon emissions’

Without clean energy, the growth in carbon emissions would have been three times higher

IEA: Coal use to hit record levels in 2022

However, the year also saw record production levels for renewables – the report has found

IEA: Ukraine War could make renewables world’s top energy source

That’s as many countries impose bans on fossil fuels, a report suggests

UN to deploy satellite-based system to track methane emissions from space

The Methane Alert and Response System (MARS), launched at the COP27 climate summit, is a data-to-action platform to get policy-relevant data for emissions mitigation

IEA: Europe must act now to avoid gas shortage next year

It warns the region could face a gap of as much as 30bn cubic metres of natural gas during the summer period

IEA and partners launch new tool to track borrowing costs for energy projects

The IEA estimates reducing financing costs by 2% would bring down the investment needed to reach net zero emissions in emerging and developing economies by $16tn until 2050

Net zero could be delayed by decades, says IEA

IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol has said net zero could be severely delayed without international collaboration

IEA: Indonesia’s 2060 net zero plan will change its economy

The country will require $8bn a year in investment to hit net zero – and is calling on other countries to help mobilise these funds

World leaders meet to discuss clean energy transition

They are hopeful the talks lead to better collaboration and quicker production times

Climate change a stronger driver of methane than expected

Methane is causing global warming more than scientists previously estimated, new research claims