IEA: “Countries must triple renewable energy investment by 2030 to fight climate change”

In its flagship report, the IEA estimates nearly $4 trillion needs to be invested by 2030 to get the world on track for 1.5°C

Don’t ignore the impact of methane on climate change, says IEA

Its new report is calling for an industry and government-wide clamp down on methane emissions, which are responsible for 30% of global rises in temperature to date

Nearly all current hydrogen production is not low carbon, IEA warns

Global hydrogen production generates an estimated 900 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, equivalent to the combined emissions of the UK and Indonesia, the organisation estimates

IEA pledges to reach net zero by 2024

The Agency is looking to reduce its operational emissions to as close to zero as possible and will purchase carbon credits for the footprint that remains

‘Net zero will leave the Middle East 75% poorer’

A new report argues that oil-producing countries must be helped in the clean energy transition or risk becoming heavily poverty-stricken and a barrier to global net zero ambitions

IEA: Electricity demand growth will require more fossil fuel production

It found renewables are not expanding quickly enough to meet the strong rebound in power demand this year, resulting in a ‘sharp rise’ in coal power consumption

IEA: ‘Recovery in clean energy spending not enough to reach net zero’

The organisation has warned the gap between current investment trends and the required spending on climate mitigation is ‘a critical fault line in the clean energy transition’

IEA: ‘Fossil-fuel boilers should be banned from 2025’

In a report published today, the organisation has also stressed that there is no place for new coal, oil or gas exploration in a net zero future

IEA: Renewable capacity up 45% in 2020

A new report shows renewable sources of electricity grew at the fastest rate in two decades last year

Global energy-related emissions on track for second-biggest annual increase in history

Driven by coal use for electricity generation, carbon dioxide emissions are projected to rise by 1.5 billion tonnes