State of Bavaria on track to pilot hydrogen-powered train

The train will be presented to the public in the spring of 2022, with the first test runs in Bavaria planned for 2023 before it officially enters passenger service in January 2024

Scotland on track to have its ‘first’ hydrogen-powered train during COP26

Arcola Energy and a consortium, including the global engineering consultancy Arup, will convert a car passenger train into a hydrogen train

Nearly 41% of Brits ‘willing to pay £1 more for daily commute to lower their carbon footprint’

More than half of commuters would be willing to travel to work on a hydrogen-powered bus or train to reduce emissions, according to new research

‘Small fleet of hydrogen-powered trains could be running on UK rail network by 2022’

That’s the suggestion from Dr Stuart Hillmansen, Senior Lecturer in Electrical Energy Systems at the University of Birmingham who spoke to FNZ about the role of the first hydrogen-powered train for the decarbonisation of UK rail

Alstom’s hydrogen train enters regular passenger service in Vienna

The train, which was on trial for more than one year, uses onboard fuel cells to convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity

‘World’s first’ hydrogen filling station for passenger trains to be built in Germany

From 2022, 14 hydrogen-powered regional trains supplied by Alstom will be refuelled at the filling stations daily

Alstom and Eversholt Rail invest £1m to get UK hydrogen train industry on track

The businesses will rebuild electric trains so that they are powered by hydrogen fuel cells