Israel launches first hydrogen fuel station

Transport is one of its most polluting sectors and has been circled as a priority for the country to lower its carbon footprint

Toyota CEO wants to go all-in on hydrogen

That’s despite many other carmakers already making the pledge to EVs

BMW proves hydrogen cars could be the future

Its new iX5 Hydrogen has a 313-mile range and could be the next example of the green gas on our roads

Porsche says its hydrogen engine smashes V8

The hydrogen equivalent can do everything the petrol one can – with far less emissions, it claims

Shell pulls plug on hydrogen stations

This is as EVs take power in the zero-emission vehicle market

‘Hydrogen to be same price as diesel eight years early’

That’s if the predicted potential of a company’s invention is to be believed

Porsche completes work on hydrogen sport engines

Its 440KW output engine allowed the car to reach a top speed of 162mph

Hydrogen-powered BMW set for market in 2025

Toyota is working with the German company to build the powertrain

A hydrogen-powered V8 engine?

Could petrol heads have a carbon-neutral future?