Royal Navy looking to get an electric feel

The Ministry of Defence is looking to implement hybrid-electric engines to ships by the end of the decade

McLaren debuts innovative architecture for electrified supercars

The first new McLaren hybrid supercar to be based on the new architecture is scheduled for launch in 2021

Global sales of Toyota hybrids surpass 15 million

Hybrid vehicles now account for around two-thirds of all Toyota’s new passenger vehicle sales in the UK

Wärtsilä to provide hybrid power supply to gold mine in Saudi Arabia

The technology group will oversee the engineering, equipment and technical advisory stage of the traditional engine and solar project

Car exhaust smoke
Newham to cut air pollution with new parking permit system

The move will encourage a switch to hybrid and zero emission vehicles by making it free to park in some areas

More than eight million UK drivers to get greener cars in next five years

CompareTheMarket suggests increasing numbers of people are planning on swapping fossil fuel-based cars for more environmentally-friendly alternatives

Crown Estate opens 7GW offshore wind leasing round

The leasing scheme will enable the development of electricity generation capacity that is enough to meet the needs of more than six million homes

Plug-in hybrids ‘may be needed on the road to decarbonising HGVs’

A new report from the Energy Technologies Institute suggests it will be difficult for the HGV sector to make the leap from combustion engine vehicles to 100% electric propulsion

EU nations agree 35% car emissions reductions by 2030

New passenger cars would also have to emit 15% less emissions on average by 2025

UK announces £343m lift-off for electric and hybrid planes

Around £68m of funding will support small and medium-sized businesses for research and development opportunities