British Museum looks to be net zero

That’s the announcement made by Chair George Osborne

‘DNA from 2m years ago could fight climate change’

That’s the claim of scientists who have discovered the DNA and animals and plants that faced climate change in the past

Egyptian pyramids could be lost to climate change

This could be within the century due to rising sea levels, experts have warned

King Arthur’s castle at mercy of climate change

English Heritage is looking to raise money to protect many castles in England, as coastal erosion worsens

Climate change first reported 110 years ago!

The impact of climate change ‘may be considerable in a few centuries’, an article from 1912 published – so why wasn’t it listened to?

Ancient global warming linked to continental stretching

Scientists believe that Earth’s largest warming event was caused by a shift in tectonic plates

How is colonisation linked to climate change?

The IPCC report mentions colonialism as a key reason for increasing temperatures – but are the two intertwined?

‘Extreme weather patterns are not new phenomena’

New data reveals the most extreme weather the UK has experienced dates back to the Victorian period

How can the Eiffel Tower fight climate change?

We cannot afford for historical buildings to be left behind in the drive for greener futures – how do we bring them on the journey?

Hadrian’s Wall the next victim of climate change?

An ancient Roman site could become history due to heavy changes in weather