Heat pump beats energy waste: Mimicking the heart’s rhythm

Scientists mimic the human heart’s pulsating power to slash energy consumption in heat pump processes

Consumer advocate offers heat pump discount

Which? has unveiled an exclusive member-only offer in partnership with Octopus Energy, providing a 5% discount on heat pump and solar panel installations

Are gas boiler prices going up in flames?

A new government initiative aimed at promoting heat pumps to reduce carbon emissions could lead to a staggering £300 increase in gas boiler prices, according to experts

UK launches varied heat pump grants by property type

Proposed measures unveiled today aim to make heat pump installations more affordable for homeowners and small businesses

“UK faces £65m annual export loss if clean heat shift lags”

This potential export loss could accumulate to £1.3 billion between 2030 and 2050, a new analysis by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit highlights

Cost concerns top list of barriers to heat pump adoption

Almost two-thirds of Britons express interest in adopting heat pumps as a means to reduce their long-term energy bills, according to a new survey

UK homes go green with record solar panel boom

The UK has witnessed 62% surge in home heat pump and solar panel installations, according to a report

UK green heating scheme spends only one third of £150m budget

The North East of England had the lowest share of installations under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, followed by London and Wales. according to Ofgem

Boiler ban sparks electricity shortage concerns for new homes

The proposed ban on gas boilers in new homes from 2025 has raised concerns in the industry about potential grid capacity problems

UK residential solar PV installations to increase to over 450k a year by 2030

The growth will be driven by increased electrification through greater use of heat pumps and electric vehicles, according to a report