Countries consider banning ‘forever chemicals’ to curb pollution

Forever chemicals don’t break down in either the environment or human bodies and can be found in a range of daily products

Single-use items make up 68% of NHS’ carbon footprint

Out of possible operations, knee replacements were revealed to produce the most carbon emissions

Scotland bans anaesthetic that damages environment

It’s become the first country to make the move

UN backs project to remove mercury from skin products

The chemical is commonly used in skin lightening products and is harmful to health and the planet

EVs lead to fall in asthma hospital admissions, study shows

New research found that as EV adoption increased within an area in California, asthma-related emergency room visits dropped

‘Net zero could bring 2m more years of life’

How would a net zero world improve our health?

UK and South Africa strike climate health deal

Nine research institutions will collaborate on climate change and its impacts on health

AstraZeneca commits to net zero by 2045

The company’s CEO said it was on track to achieve this at COP27

UK announces £95m for ‘super-materials’ research and development

The Henry Royce Institute at the University of Manchester will use the funding to boost its research in advanced materials critical to sectors including energy and transport

Iraqi minister says gas flaring has increased cancer

The Environment Minister has accepted that flaring in Basra is linked with increases of leukaemia in the region