Global offshore wind hits record growth

The sector’s 8.8GW capacity boost in 2022 marks its second-best year ever and experts predict an estimated 380GW will emerge on the horizon by 2032

Wind energy sector ‘needs more than half a million technicians by 2026’

A new report suggests a 33% rise in recruitment and training needs is required to deliver the wind energy capacity required to meet global net zero goals

Nearly 3.3m wind energy jobs ‘could be created in the next five years’

GWEC suggests an estimated additional 470GW of new onshore and offshore wind capacity is expected to be installed globally by 2025.

Growth of global wind capacity ‘must triple over next decade to reach net zero’

The world needs to install a minimum of 180GW of new wind energy every year to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, according to a new report