UKGBC launches guide for procuring renewable energy and carbon offsetting

The guidance is intended to be used by building developers, designers, owners, occupiers and policymakers

New offshore renewable energy guide published

A new offshore renewable energy guide to ensure high standards for projects has been published. It gives guidance on undertaking environmental impact assessments for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy projects. The ‘PD 6900 Environmental impact assessment for offshore renewable energy projects guide’ was launched by Business Standards Institution (BSI), with the help of Innovate UK. It has […]

ELN launches new awards

Find out more about the TELCAs.

Almost half of people have not heard of smart meters

Nearly half (48%) of consumers don’t know what a smart meter is. That’s according to research from Consumer Focus, which has launched an online advice guide to help people understand what the benefits are as the country prepares for a nationwide roll-out. ‘Smart meters’ are digital gas and electricity meters which allow customers to understand […]