UK grid balancing tech for renewable integration granted £1m

Faraday Grid aims to develop a full-scale demonstrator device with a capacity of between 2MW and 3MW

‘Gravity storage likely to be cheaper than batteries’

Imperial College London say Gravitricity’s product has a number of clear benefits over alternative storage technologies

Demand response firm ‘to open up flexibility market’

A British demand response firm has announced plans to become an energy supplier and take on the Big Six. Flexitricity plans to give its industrial, commercial and public-sector customers access to National Grid’s flexible power market, known as ‘the Balancing Mechanism’, by seeking a supply licence. The Balancing Mechanism is the real-time flexible electricity market […]

Northern Powergrid installs £4m battery storage unit

Northern Powergrid has installed a £4 million energy storage unit in Darlington to help balance grid frequency. The 2.5MW battery is the size of three shipping containers and can store enough electricity to power 2,500 houses for two hours. The firm has delivered the contract in partnership with demand response and storage firm KiWi Power […]

Innovate UK awards £1.5m for liquid air energy storage

Innovate UK has awarded an energy storage firm £1.5 million for a new hybrid version of its existing systems. Highview Power Storage, which develops storage solutions for utilities and distributed power systems, has been asked to modify its Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) product. The technology uses off-grid or surplus energy to compress and liquefy […]