Giant £120m wastewater-heated greenhouses to land in East Anglia

The two innovative developments are expected to be capable of increasing the UK’s clean heat output by almost 3TWh per year

Greenhouses get even greener in new £120m project

Greencoat Capital has announced plans to build two large-scale and sustainable greenhouses near Norwich and Bury St Edmunds

Emissions drop 23.6% since 1990

Greenhouse gas emissions fell by nearly a quarter from 1990 to 2013. A new report released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), showed greenhouse gas emissions in 2013 were 643.1 million tonnes. That’s 23.6% lower than the 1990 figure. The fall is due to the reduction in emissions from the manufacturing, energy supply, water and waste […]

Hydropower market reaches $13.34 billion

It has been estimated the global spending on small hydropower projects will total $13.34 billion in 2011, according to a new report. The Small Hydropower Market report details how renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction policies can drive the hydropower market into a new era of growth. It also includes financial and capacity forecasts for […]