Isle of Man commits to net zero by 2050

It has signed up to the Paris Agreement this month

Singapore a ‘sustainable destination’ – but how?

How has the Asian nation received its certification and what are its future green plans?

‘CEOs rewarded for easy carbon targets’

A study alleges that some of Europe’s top companies are handing out full bonuses for insignificant climate progress

Can seawater make green hydrogen?

Untreated seawater could be an alternative to purified water in electrolysers to create hydrogen, researchers have found

Somerset opening first ‘net zero’ school

It’s set to cost £11.3m and include solar panels and EV parking

Government considers setting aside £600m for green steel

Two of the UK’s largest steelmakers are set to benefit from the grants

The West agrees green EV mineral deal

The agreement is to only purchase minerals from nations that meet certain environmental standards

Hydrogen fuel station banks government cash

Liquid hydrogen, gaseous hydrogen and electric charging will all be available at the station

BAM sets 2026 net zero target

It has stated it will not include offsets in its aim

Starmer looks to hit net zero by 2030 if elected

He has slammed the current government’s decision to boost fossil fuels and fracking