UK’s failure to transition to net zero ‘could cost nearly 660K jobs’

The Trades Union Congress estimates nearly 259,700 jobs in manufacturing sectors are at direct risk

London infrastructure ‘should be 50% green by 2050’

London should be made up of 50% green infrastructure by 2050. That’s according to a new report by the Green Infrastructure Task Force which suggests targets for the mayor by 2050. It states ensuring half the city is made up of green buildings would allow it to maintain its status as “one of the world’s greenest capital cities”. […]

Green lessons for US students

Two US universities have been granted $20,000 (£12,981) each for green infrastructure demonstration and training projects. Green infrastructure uses vegetation, soils and natural processes to manage rainwater – using it as a resource rather than waste. “It can enhance resiliency for communities and landscapes faced with water pollution and climate change impacts by increasing water […]