‘UK’s largest’ green hydrogen facility planned for Humber

Meld Energy intends to invest £180 million in a new facility at Saltend, Humber

‘British hydrogen plane could be in the air by 2026’

A company is looking to build an aircraft that can be powered entirely by the green gas

Namibia seals $10bn green hydrogen deal

The hydrogen produced will be exported to Europe, allowing the African nation to gain a stake in the global market

Firms join for ‘Europe’s most ambitious hydrogen project yet’

The 600MW facility will produce 240 tonnes of green hydrogen per day

First shipment of ‘low carbon ammonia’ reaches Japan

Aramco has sold the cargo to Fuji Oil Company for it to be used for power generation, as Japan looks to change its combustion process

‘Prize of green hydrogen could be within reach’

That’s according to GMB’s Andy Prendergast, who insists the benefits will only be met with the “right investment”

German ex-nuclear town to become ‘hydrogen hub’

The mayor believes it can become the “most significant location in Germany for hydrogen”

Cleaning up sneezes with green hydrogen?

Gas is being replaced with hydrogen for the manufacturing of some tissues, toilet paper and nappies

Toyota CEO wants to go all-in on hydrogen

That’s despite many other carmakers already making the pledge to EVs

Nuclear hydrogen rejected by nations as ‘renewable’

Classifying low carbon as renewable could deter from growing renewable infrastructure, seven EU nations claim