bp building large-scale hydrogen plant in Teesside

It aims for the facility to produce 500MW of electricity from hydrogen production by the end of the decade

‘Middle East plans $44bn hydrogen investment’

A new report suggests that the Middle East could become the new global ‘hydrogen hub’

Hydrogen storage project in Glasgow gets £9.4m government boost

The grant will support the ‘UK’s largest’ electrolyser that will store and produce hydrogen for transport

‘Confusing blue and green hydrogen is dangerous’

Australia is ignoring the environmental impact of blue hydrogen when compared with its green alternative, claims a new study

Shell and RWE team up to boost green hydrogen production

The two companies are looking to build projects in the Northeast that produce green hydrogen and are also considering carbon capture solutions

British and Paraguayan companies team up to produce green hydrogen and ammonia

The companies are aiming to eventually produce 250MW from clean energy sources, such as hydroelectric dams

Green hydrogen revolution needs £13bn private investment to become a success

A new report claims that if the correct levels of government and private investment are made by 2040, most projects will become sustainable without support

Does hydrogen storage in fossil reservoirs hold the key to Britain’s energy crisis?

The UK has enough wind and solar capacity to support green hydrogen production to the equivalent capacity of 25 Hinkley Point C nuclear power plants, according to new research

Sasol commits to net zero emissions by 2050

It has stepped up its 2030 Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction target, from an initial 10% for its South African operations to 30% for its energy and chemicals business

US clean fuels firm announces waste-to-hydrogen production hub

The facility is expected to initially process up to 99.9 tons of organic waste per day, producing up to 2,000 metric tons of renewable hydrogen as well as power for its operations every year