Boris’ Ten Point Plan has attracted £5.8bn investment in green projects so far

Since its announcement by the Prime Minister last November, the plan has also led to 56,000 new jobs in clean industries

Britain launches bid for 26 Pakistani firms to pledge net zero emissions by 2050

So far, 12 companies in Pakistan have committed to the UN Race to Zero campaign

China pledges to stop building new coal-fired power plants abroad

President Xi Jinping made the announcement during the 76th session of the UN General Assembly via video, pledging to ‘step up support’ for green and low carbon energy projects in developing countries

Acer Group commits to 100% renewable energy by 2035

The company successfully achieved its target of reducing its carbon emissions by 60% worldwide last year

Pension giant Nest appoints Octopus Renewables to invest ‘millions’ in green energy

It is committing an estimated £250m this year in the UK and Europe, which is part of a potential £1.4bn investment by the end of the decade

UK announces £92m of new investment in next-gen green tech

It has launched three innovation challenges focusing on biomass production, energy storage technology and floating offshore wind

Portland General Electric sets 2040 net zero target

It has pledged to reduce emissions associated with the electricity supplied to customers by 80% and electrify more than 60% of its fleet by 2030

Lotus Cars agree on green energy deal with British Gas Business

The sports car manufacturer’s headquarters and supporting facilities will be powered by 100% renewable electricity

‘Current global pledges can not solve the climate crisis’

That’s the suggestion from Professor of University of Exeter’s Global Systems Institute Mark Baldwin, who spoke to FNZ about the ‘climate hypocrisy’ governments are engaged in

Total to power 100% of its European operations with renewables by 2025

The energy giant will achieve this goal through what claims to be the ‘world’s largest’ power purchase agreement