Work starts on Middle East’s first high-speed hydrogen refuelling station

The refuelling plant, which is being built in Masdar City, will create clean hydrogen from water, using an electrolyser powered by green electricity and will be completed later this year

NI to get a £3bn net zero network makeover

NIE Networks will invest that amount across a ten-year period, creating 1,000 new jobs for the country in the process

‘Fossil fuels for electricity to drop in 2023’

This marks the first time there’s been an annual fall in the use of fossil fuels without a pandemic or recession to blame

Increase in business customers using green energy products from SSE Energy Solutions

SSE Energy Solutions’ Green Electricity and Green Gas has achieved EcoAct (an Atos company) verification once again, as the company reported a fourfold increase in business customers using green energy products over the past year

Volvo delivers first electric trucks with fossil-free steel

The first steel produced with hydrogen is being used in the electric truck’s frame rails, the backbone of the truck upon which all other main components are mounted

Tokyo railway all powered by green energy

A Japanese railway company has ensured all its lines and operations are powered using renewable electricity – in a first for the country

Yili Group’s dairy factory becomes ‘China’s first’ carbon-neutral food facility

Last year, Yili Yunnan Dairy also received the first ‘green electricity certificate’ in China’s food industry, following a steady decline in its total energy consumption

Prince Charles gets fusion energy demonstration

His Royal Highness witnessed the largest operating tokamak in action and discussed the low carbon energy mix of the future

Dorset brewer creates green electricity from waste beer

It has installed a wastewater plant, creating enough electricity to power close to 17,000 average homes for one day