Online marketplace launched for net zero suppliers

The service is focussed in Manchester but is open to all UK firms

How do businesses invest in climate change?

A new report surveyed more than 13,500 firms, delving into their stance on climate risks, their investments to address those risks and the main influencing factors on this

‘The free market is crucial to tackling climate change, not green protectionism’

A new report claims free markets are essential to tackling climate change, as they enable free-flowing information and an increase in green technology and foreign investment in the UK’s low carbon economy

‘Whoever leads the green economy will lead the world’

Global study shows overwhelming backing for green energy and the adoption of EVs

Edinburgh park becomes ‘UK’s first fully eco-powered green space’

The park utilises a micro-hydro scheme, which uses the water from the main river flowing through Edinburgh to generate electricity

Switzerland allocates £38m for solar initiatives

The funds aim to support the expansion of photovoltaic technologies despite the current coronavirus crisis

UN and Germany launch new initiative to accelerate green economy

The Global Opportunities for Sustainable Development Goals will foster exchange on innovative and successful practices through newly designed regional sustainability hubs

Offshore Wind Sector deal targets 33% women in workforce by 2030

The government has also set a target to triple the number of highly-skilled jobs in the industry

Hard Brexit ‘would threaten North of England’

A hard Brexit would threaten energy security, the stability of fuel prices and the green energy economy in the North of England. That’s according to think tank IPPR North, which suggests withdrawal from Euratom, no deal being made on energy trade and withdrawal from European research programmes could significantly harm the region and the UK […]