PNC pledges $20bn in environmental finance over five years

It will provide financing for green buildings, renewable energy, clean transportation and environmental sustainability-linked bonds and loans

Plans underway for North Carolina’s first 100% net zero energy neighbourhood

Array, a 12-lot neighbourhood located in Orange County, will implement energy efficiency measures and solar array installations, with each house third party-certified, based on the National Green Building Standards

Citi pledges $1tn to sustainable finance by 2030

It intends to finance and facilitate a wide array of climate solutions, including renewable energy, clean technology, water conservation, green buildings and sustainable agriculture and land use

Just Group becomes first UK insurance company to issue green bond

It has raised £250m to facilitate investment in green assets, including green buildings, renewable energy and clean transportation projects

New $570m plan for energy efficient homes in Mongolia

A third of the population live in urban ger areas, or settlements of low and middle income households, which suffer from poor sanitation and inadequate solid waste management

Finance and green building sectors ‘must work together more closely’

The World Green Building Council says this is vital to grow the energy efficient mortgage market to the point where green finance is available to any borrower in Europe

Building sector ‘must go zero carbon by 2050’

The building sector must operate at ‘net zero carbon’ by 2050 to limit rising global temperatures to 2°C, as outlined in the Paris Agreement. That’s according to a new report from the World Green Building Council, which suggests there are currently only 500 net zero commercial buildings and 2,000 net zero homes around the globe. This is significantly less than 1% of all buildings […]

Not-so-green buildings ‘wasting millions’

Thousands of new buildings are using double the amount of energy they should be and costing millions. That’s according to new research from the University of Bath, which says cultural problems in the construction and design industry have resulted in a great deal of confusion about how to create energy efficient buildings. Energy Live News spoke to David […]

Green buildings create “healthy, happy staff”

It’s probably obvious to anyone who has worked in an office that a nicer environment can be good for your mood. But now that common sense bears out in research too – the World Green Building Council uncovered “overwhelming evidence” the design of an office “significantly impacts” how healthy and productive staff end up. The report […]

Greener buildings ‘could save UK £12bn a year’

An ambitious programme of insulating buildings and producing more energy directly from buildings could save the UK around £12 billion every year until 2050. That’s the conclusion of a new report published by industry group Sustainable Energy Association (SEA), which represents a number of energy efficiency and technology providers. The figure would be equivalent to […]