‘UK is nowhere near reaching net zero by 2050’

A new report suggests governmental net zero aims and the policies themselves could not be further apart

Treasury urged to transform the UK’s circular economy

A new report suggests a potential reconstruction in the way the UK repairs, reuses and recycles could create nearly 450,000 jobs by 2035

‘Climate change cannot be addressed without reducing overconsumption’

In a new report, think tank Green Alliance calls on the government to set a target to halve national resource consumption

Siemens Gamesa joins EU Green Alliance for sustainable recovery after lockdown

The group of leading companies, Members of the European Parliament, business leaders, trade unions and campaign groups calls for economic stimulus measures focused on achieving carbon-neutrality

‘UK Government must establish a national office for carbon removal’

Green Alliance says the new department would ‘verify and ensure offsets are genuinely robust, measurable and benefit the environment’

Reaching net zero by 2050 ‘requires real collaboration and competition’

That’s the suggestion from independent expert James Cameron, who stressed the target is likely to prove ‘very demanding’

Businesses must ensure environmental successes trickle down supply chains

That’s the suggestion from Nick Molho, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, who said this was vital to drive genuine net zero progress

‘It is vital to tackle the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis together’

That’s the suggestion from Melanie Coath, Senior Climate Change Policy Officer at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, who told future Net Zero that ‘businesses could be looking at this a lot more’

Wave of climate litigation ‘now sweeping the world’

That’s the suggestion from Tessa Khan, Co-director of the Climate Litigation Network, who spoke to future Net Zero at the organisation’s ‘Countdown to COP’ event in London earlier this month

The UK is ‘seriously off-track’ to reaching net zero by 2050

Dustin Benton, Policy Director at Green Alliance, said the country is around 20% above where it needs to be by 2030 in emissions terms