HM Treasury and HMRC ‘don’t understand the environmental impacts of taxes’

The Public Accounts Committee states: ‘The UK government has been blithely issuing ever more ambitious climate targets for years now, with no sign of a roadmap to reach any of them’

Less than half of Brits convinced climate change is real

Although less than half were convinced of it being a reality, 82% of UK respondents did agree the government should take some form of action to tackle climate change

New £20m fund launched to drive green maritime innovation

The fund will be used to help develop prototype ships and port infrastructure that could then be brought to market, helping the UK on its journey towards a net zero future

Government rolls out £54m of new funding for next-gen transport tech

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng says the money will be used to support green mobility technology projects in Cwmbran, Warwickshire and Ballymena

Energy markets
Enabling Energy Markets for Net Zero

Author: Trevor Hutchings

Construction industry backs ‘National Retrofit Strategy’

The strategy calls for the government to invest an initial £5.3bn to help kickstart the retrofit market

West Midlands to become ‘nation’s first’ Net Zero Pathfinder region

The ‘Net Zero Pathfinder’ document, published by the WMCA, calls for more local control over energy policy, requesting government support to make this a reality

UK announces £92m of new investment in next-gen green tech

It has launched three innovation challenges focusing on biomass production, energy storage technology and floating offshore wind

COP26 – ‘Government needs to have clearer ambitions and ways to measure success’

A new report from the BEIS Committee has called for more clarity from the UK government to ensure the climate summit can be a success

TUC: Cuts to the Green Homes Grant would be a ‘wrecking ball’ for green jobs

The TUC claims cuts would make half of those employed by the scheme jobless