Google to stop YouTube ads for videos denying climate change

This also follows its changes to Google Maps and booking flights to provide the most fuel-efficient option as a default

SEforALL and Google launch initiative to decarbonise global electricity systems

They are developing a 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact, with plans to build a global coalition of companies, governments and others interested in fully decarbonising their energy consumption

Google and Polestar sign up to global net zero initiatives

The tech giant and EV maker have announced they are joining the Exponential Roadmap Initiative and UN Race to Zero campaigns

Disney and Google among businesses launching initiative to scale climate solutions

The IPCC estimates achieving a low carbon transition will require $1.6tn to $3.8tn annually between 2016 and 2050 for the supply-side energy system alone

Ford to increase electric vehicle spending to $22bn by 2025

President and CEO Jim Farley said the company is ‘all in and will not cede ground to anyone’ in developing and delivering connected EVs and services

Google pledges to provide greener search results with new battery system at ‘hyper-scale’ data centre

The tech giant will use a battery-based system to replace the diesel generator at its data centre in Belgium

Google data centres in Tennessee and Alabama to be powered with 100% renewables

The tech giant has signed a power purchase agreement for energy generated by a 100MW solar plant

Google commits to plastic-free product packaging by 2025

The tech giant has also pledged to use 50% recycled or renewable materials where plastic is currently used in its products

Google announces it has already removed entire ‘carbon legacy’

The tech giant has brought its lifetime net carbon footprint to zero by purchasing carbon offsets, covering all operational emissions before it became carbon-neutral in 2007

Google signs 140MW PPA in Texas

Energy developer Candela says the deal forms part of the tech giant’s largest-ever renewable energy purchase