‘Netherlands to phase out coal by 2030’

A new report claims that Dutch coal will be history by the end of this decade, based on the new carbon price floor and reduction in thermal power generation

India to make up 35% of all new Asian midstream oil and gas projects by 2025

The country is set to have 118 new projects start, with the largest costing $1.4bn and spanning more than 2,700km in length

‘Australian grid could run on 75% green energy by 2025’

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the nation is expected to install 25GW of renewable capacity between 2020 and 2025

Solar market ‘significantly hit’ by coronavirus crisis

Between January and March, total corporate funding in the solar PV sector dropped by 31% compared with last year, according to a new report

Netherlands to double green energy subsidies to meet emission targets

According to the Dutch Climate Agreement, the nation is required to reduce emissions from the 1990 levels by 49%, by end of the year

World’s favourite power source in 2016? Solar!

Solar has become the world’s favourite type of electricity generation, with more capacity installed than any other technology. The latest update from GlobalData Power Attractiveness Index (GPAI) found around 72GW of new solar PV capacity was installed in 2016. It was followed by wind energy with 53GW, coal with 52GW, gas with 41GW and hydro […]

US green energy sector ‘to grow to 216GW by 2025’

The non-hydro renewable energy sector in the US will rise to 216GW by 2025. That’s an annual growth of 5.9% within a decade, new figures from GlobalData revealed. “This suggests that the current US Government, aware of the country’s status as one of the world’s leading carbon emitters, fully supports the growth of clean generation […]

Asia-Pacific set to overtake Europe in solar

The Asia-Pacific region will install 345.33GW of solar capacity by 2025. That’s the finding of a report by GlobalData which stated the region will overtake Europe to become the largest contributor of solar. The increase will take place at an annual rate of 16.7%. South Korea is the major centre for development of solar technology, according […]

Global offshore wind power to reach 40GW by 2020

The global offshore wind power market is expected to increase more than fivefold in the next six years, according to a new report. Capacity could rise from 7.1GW in 2013 to 39.9GW by the end of the decade, analysts at GlobalData predict. The research and consulting firm expects offshore wind to become one of the […]

UK offshore wind capacity to hit 11GW by 2020

The offshore wind capacity in the UK could hit 11GW by the end of the decade, according to a new report. That’s an increase from around 0.3GW in 2006 and 3.7GW in 2013, analysts at GlobalData said. Investment is also expected to jump from $3.3 billion (£2bn) last year to $7.53 billion (£4.6bn) by the […]