‘New heat pump one of the largest in the world’

It can provide water up to a temperature of 90°C to almost 30,000 homes, the manufacturer claims

Climate group labelled ‘crazy’ and raided by German police

Many have called for the group to be defined as a criminal organisation and face jail time for its actions

Chinese EV maker says only 10 firms will survive electric revolution

To compete, the company is looking to produce 3m cars per year

Climate protestors crash Formula E race

Members of Letzte Generation climbed over fences and parked themselves in front of the electric race cars to stop the race taking place

German ex-nuclear town to become ‘hydrogen hub’

The mayor believes it can become the “most significant location in Germany for hydrogen”

Heating up: Heat pump sales in Europe surge by 40%

After years of similar growth patterns, heat pump sales surpassed those of gas furnaces in the US last year, according to the International Energy Agency

Germany launches water strategy to combat drought

This is its first ever national water strategy

VW reveals €180bn EV investment

The injection will be made across a five-year period to grow its position in the electric market

‘Climate change to cost Germany €900bn’

That’s in a worst-case scenario, government research has found

BMW proves hydrogen cars could be the future

Its new iX5 Hydrogen has a 313-mile range and could be the next example of the green gas on our roads