New partnership to build 500MW electrolyser at German green energy hub

It will be installed at TES’ Green Energy Hub in Wilhelmshaven, with operations expected to start in 2028 and plans to add one more unit to reach 1GW of capacity

Thunberg and activists sue Sweden for climate policy

They claim the country is not being ambitious enough in its policy

Mashed potato thrown on £96m Monet painting

The climate protest in Germany follows Just Stop Oil’s stunt of throwing tomato soup on a Van Gogh piece in London

Germany axes wind farm to build coal mine

Eight turbines are being dismantled to make way for a coal expansion

VW protestors glue themselves to floor then ask for help

German climate campaigners pulled a stunt at VW’s Wolfsburg factory and then asked for food and a toilet

Germany unveils €200bn fund to protect people from rising gas prices

The German Chancellor has said “we will not leave anyone alone with the high energy bills”

Energy crisis could kill EV revolution before it’s started

As charging your car goes up, will it be worth making the switch from petrol?

EU bank backs MAHLE’s zero-emission vehicle tech with €300m loan

Its projects will include investments in eco-friendly technologies such as electric motor and battery components, thermal management as well as hydrogen and fuel cell components

Liz Truss urged to bailout UK in German-style multibillion stimulus

Experts have warned that only one path is realistic now for the new PM, a “massive stimulus package” for households and businesses

‘EVs paid for by German taxpayers don’t end up on German roads’

That’s according to new analysis claiming more than 100k have ended up in neighbouring countries