How are bananas growing in Iceland?

Geothermal energy is the answer – but that’s not all!

Dandelion Energy raises $70m to scale geothermal heating and cooling

The company claims its heating and cooling solutions allow homeowners to save up to 50% on their bills and reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%

US launches new Energy Earthshot to slash geothermal power costs

The Department of Energy aims to reduce its cost by 90% to $45 per megawatt hour by 2035

Parliament to discuss pros and cons of geothermal energy

The energy source is considered a useful tool to achieve net zero

US invests $165m to expand geothermal energy deployment

A consortium of experts will develop a roadmap for addressing technology and knowledge gaps in geothermal energy, based on best practices used within the oil and gas sector

US launches $500m initiative to transform mines into clean energy hubs

The Department of Energy believes mine land offers an important opportunity to spur economic development and create jobs in clean energy industries

Car manufacturer Stellantis invests €50m in sustainable lithium producer Vulcan

The investment will support Vulcan’s planned production expansion drilling in its Upper Rhine Valley Brine Field, where the company is already producing geothermal energy

‘Geothermal energy could be the key to net zero’

Northern Ireland could become a geothermal energy hub – a new report claims

MPs launch inquiry into role of geothermal tech towards UK’s net zero goal

The Environmental Audit Committee will examine any potential challenges and what support, if any, the government should offer to accelerate deployment of the technologies – and is seeking views on it

Bay View: Google opens all-electric, sustainable campus in Silicon Valley

The campus has been draped with a ‘first-of-its-kind’ dragonscale solar skin that consists of a total of 90,000 silver solar panels across all four buildings