Government clamps down on water pollution

New planning permission has also been granted for sustainable countryside homes

Government boosts sustainable farming with £12.5m

A new machine is set to be launched, turning methane emissions into a clean power source for farms

Government does not plan to tell Britons to eat less meat

The Environment Secretary has said it is “depressing” when the debate about meat consumption is simplified to whether it is good or bad

UK farmers paid to stop using gas fertiliser

Rocketing gas prices are impacting the agricultural industry, with the government looking for greener solutions

Government slammed over tree planting plan

MPs have called for a comprehensive plan to support planting on a larger scale

Government to pay farmers for sustainable action

This is part of a wider aim to restore 300,000 hectares of wildlife habitats

Hinkley Point C could ‘wipe out’ 11 billion fish, Bristol Channel campaigners say

Activist groups are campaigning against EDF’s decision to remove Acoustic Fish Deterrents on the cooling water intakes at the nuclear power station