Net Hero Podcast – We should be proud but doing more says ex Energy Minister

I catch up with Claire Perry O’Neil, former Energy Minister, discussing our net zero progress as a nation so far

China asks Europe for ‘positive’ climate action

The Asian superpower has called out the continent for its return to coal

‘None of the G20 are cutting carbon quick enough’

Most countries actually saw increases in emissions

UK tells UN ‘Russia is playing roulette with nuclear safety’

It fears a nuclear incident could be on the cards with its occupation of Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine

Global ministers meet to discuss emission reductions

The IEA claims that if action is quick enough, energy use the level of China’s demand could be slashed

Pakistan continues with Russian gas pipeline

This is despite pressure from the West to condemn Putin for the invasion of Ukraine

‘Climate disasters cost the world $100bn in 2021’

A new report lays bare the financial and human devastation climate change caused throughout the last year

COP26: Let’s pull out all the stops, says Boris

The first draft agreement has been published setting out what negotiators hope will be the outcomes following the climate summit

‘Net zero will leave the Middle East 75% poorer’

A new report argues that oil-producing countries must be helped in the clean energy transition or risk becoming heavily poverty-stricken and a barrier to global net zero ambitions