‘Green gas network in Northern Ireland is possible’

An ongoing study is looking into whether water could be used to dissolve salt and form caverns to store hydrogen

‘UK must take action on hydrogen storage before 2025’

That’s because the country has just 5% of Germany’s gas infrastructure, new analysis has found

IEA: Europe must act now to avoid gas shortage next year

It warns the region could face a gap of as much as 30bn cubic metres of natural gas during the summer period

National Grid seeks emergency permission to pump more gas to Europe

It is hoped that the move will stave off a European gas supply shortage

‘Germany needs 41TWh hydrogen storage to reach net zero’

This needs to be built from scratch, new research claims

Gas storage project gets go ahead in light of energy crisis

The project will provide more than 25% of the UK’s storage capacity and make the country far more resilient to future supply issues