UK increases heat pump grants starting today

Government grants have made heat pumps more affordable than gas boilers, with £7,500 available for installations

Boiler brand under scrutiny for ‘green’ claims

The CMA is investigating Worcester Bosch for potentially misleading consumers with claims of ‘hydrogen-blend ready’ boilers

National Gas mulls paying households to reduce heating

National Gas is reportedly considering offering payments to households in exchange for reducing heating usage to mitigate potential gas shortages

Rishi Sunak waters down car and boiler targets

The Prime Minister has pushed back a ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars to 2035

Are gas boiler prices going up in flames?

A new government initiative aimed at promoting heat pumps to reduce carbon emissions could lead to a staggering £300 increase in gas boiler prices, according to experts

Boiler Upgrade Scheme struggles in first year

Government data reveals that the scheme failed to meet its target, providing only half of the planned 30,000 grants in England and Wales

‘New homes less water efficient than those built in the 1930s’

Houses built before 1900 have a better boiler efficiency than those made between 1950 and 1982, as well as 1991 to 1995, a new study claims

British Gas offers money back if heat pumps aren’t up to scratch

The company has said that if heat pumps don’t heat homes as well as gas boilers, customers will be refunded

National Grid US forges ahead with decarbonisation plan

The company aims to ditch fossil fuels for its heating systems in New York and Massachusetts by 2050

Wales installs ‘world first’ hydrogen hybrid boiler

Hydrogen boiler with air-source heat pump and smart tech installed at Port of Milford Haven