Global financial industry calls for more climate action from G20 ahead of COP26

GFANZ, which represents $90tn in global assets, has published a report of the further action that needs to be done by G20 governments to achieve net zero aims

‘UK needs 49.5GW of flexibility to become 100% renewable’

Wärtsilä says this is necessary for the UK’s energy systems to be powered by 100% renewable energy

‘Vast majority of G20 executives match investments with low carbon energy transition’

North America, the Middle East, and South America are the current hotspot regions for investment in the energy transition, according to a new survey

EU, Japan and US to co-operate on hydrogen and fuel cells

They believe the technologies could bring significant benefits to the energy sector, the economy and the environment

G20 ‘spends more on driving climate change than benefits from reducing it’

Only Canada and France generate more income from carbon pricing schemes than they spend on fossil fuel subsidies

G20 nations ‘must improve climate action’

G20 nations around the world need to ensure businesses improve on their patchy decarbonisation progress. That’s the verdict delivered in a new report from PwC, which shows although the carbon intensity of the global economy fell 2.6% last year, this remains less than half of what is required to limit global warming to well below […]

UK outperforms G20 nations on decarbonisation

The UK decarbonised at a faster rate compared to other G20 countries last year. New analysis reveals the carbon intensity of the UK economy fell by 7.7% – almost three times the global average of 2.6%. That was due to a decline in coal usage, improved energy efficiency and “moderate” economic growth. Coal now represents […]

‘Greener economic policies can boost growth’

Integrating climate change into economic policy can significantly boost growth. That’s according to a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which shows combining these agendas could add 1% to average economic output in G20 countries by 2021 and lift 2050 output by up to 2.8%. When the economic benefits of […]

Investors worth $15tn call for climate change action

Global investors worth more than $15 trillion (£11.6tn) have signed a letter calling for G7 and G20 nations to stand by their commitments to the Paris Agreement. The 214 institutions, which include financial firms, pension funds and church groups, believe mitigating climate change is essential for the safeguarding of global investments. The letter urges governments to […]

Climate-vulnerable nations ‘to pioneer green finance’

The world’s most climate-vulnerable nations are to pioneer innovation in green finance. That’s according to a new announcement from the Vulnerable Twenty (V20) group, which says it aims to help ensure continued economic development while tackling the costly economic impacts of climate change. It adds it will focus on low-emission development, shifts in financial flows towards achieving 100% […]