France opens first EV battery plant

The plant is projected to make 800k batteries each year and marks a European response to China’s huge stake in the market

France bans short-haul flights

The ban has been made to cut emissions and fight climate change

A fifth of Europe is now under drought warning

Farmers are expecting one of their worst harvests for years, with Spain and Southern France tipped to be under huge threat from the weather

Heating up: Heat pump sales in Europe surge by 40%

After years of similar growth patterns, heat pump sales surpassed those of gas furnaces in the US last year, according to the International Energy Agency

UK and France seal energy security deal

This will see a shift towards more renewables and nuclear energy

ENGIE teams up to build low carbon trucking network

Low carbon biogas, hydrogen and electric energy technology for refuelling trucks will be available at charging stations

NG puts one of the contingency coal plants onto the grid for first time

EDF’s West Burton A unit has become the first-ever activation of winter contingency contracts for coal

Citroen CEO says EVs will end SUVs

This is as larger batteries could mean larger taxes, he explains

How to save on energy bills whilst watching the World Cup

FIFA’s tournament in Qatar comes to an end this Sunday, with France taking on Argentina – but what can you do to save money on your energy bills while you watch?

‘Europe cutting gas faster than UK’

New research suggests the UK is lagging behind the continent in ditching natural gas