‘The idea EVs could increase emissions is essentially a myth’

A new study suggests electric cars are ‘considerably’ healthier for the earth’s climate, despite some suggestions that they generate more emissions during production and electricity generation

Royal College of Psychiatrists divests from fossil fuels

Going forward, it has committed to only invest in companies that follow ‘good environmental, social and governance policies and practices’

University of Bristol announces fossil fuel divestment

The university has also called on the Universities Superannuation Scheme to abandon its £1bn investments in fossil fuels

Last coal plant being built in Poland has financing suspended

Polish energy companies Enea SA and Energa SA have announced they have halted financing for the 1GW Ostrołęka C facility due to shifting economic and political contexts

New £1.2m study to explore ways of decarbonising the steel industry

It will aim to help eliminate the industry’s dependence on fossil fuels as the UK moves towards net zero carbon by 2050

BlackRock fund to stop investing in oil sands

The world’s largest asset manager will step away from the polluting fossil fuel resource, which is seen to be among the ‘dirtiest’ forms of energy on the planet

New petrol and diesel vehicle sales ban brought forward to 2035

The new target, which is five years earlier than previously planned, will also include hybrid vehicles for the first time

No sale of fossil fuel cars in Ireland from 2030 under new proposals

The government also plans to stop granting National Car Tests for petrol and diesel vehicles from 2045

Mark Carney warns financial sector of danger of investing in oil and gas

Outgoing Bank of England Governor says investment in fossil fuels is being curbed too slowly risking irreversible climate change

Iran announces 53 billion barrel oil find

The find would boost the country’s existing reserves of 150 billion barrel by a third