M&S scraps best before dates on fruit and veg to reduce food waste

The move is designed to encourage customers to throw away less edible food at home by their judgement

Co-op and Microsoft launch anti-food waste platform

The technology will stop businesses binning excess food through communication

New $100m funding platform to scale food waste reduction solutions

It will provide financing and other support to organisations, municipalities and innovators that are developing solutions to help reduce the 35% of food that goes unsold or uneaten every year in the US

Asda and Tesco trial plant-based technology to tackle food waste

Called Apeel, the plant-based protection is used on fruits and vegetables to seal moisture in and keep oxygen out and slow their rate of spoilage, keeping them fresher for up to twice as long

Smithfield Foods pledges to halve food loss and waste by 2030

Last year, it became the first major protein company to make a commitment to become carbon-negative in the US by 2030

M&S invites 14m customers to try a low carbon diet

It will provide recipes for plant-based meals and encourage less food waste from better storage behaviours

Cows ‘could bring clean heat to 750,000 UK homes’

Almost 109 biomethane green gas production sites are currently connected to Britain’s gas grid, new report suggests

Environment Agency urging Sikh community to reduce plastic waste

This is during the Bandi Chhor Divas celebration, which coincides with the COP26 climate summit

Food and drink industry commits to halving food waste and emissions by 2030

The charity behind the commitment claims the agreement will save 2.6m tonnes of food waste between 2025 and 2030 – the equivalent of 6.2bn meals

Insects to turn food waste into animal feed

A new technology has been developed that turns food waste into insect protein for farmers to feed their livestock – all powered by AI