Environment Agency urging Sikh community to reduce plastic waste

This is during the Bandi Chhor Divas celebration, which coincides with the COP26 climate summit

Food and drink industry commits to halving food waste and emissions by 2030

The charity behind the commitment claims the agreement will save 2.6m tonnes of food waste between 2025 and 2030 – the equivalent of 6.2bn meals

Insects to turn food waste into animal feed

A new technology has been developed that turns food waste into insect protein for farmers to feed their livestock – all powered by AI

Sewage-powered trucks to flush out emissions?

Wessex Water claims each of its trucks converted from diesel to biomethane is equivalent to removing more than 100 cars from the roads

Imperfect Foods pledges to deliver a net zero company by 2030

In 2020, the company’s last mile delivery emitted 12,800 fewer tons of CO2 than trips to traditional supermarkets – the equivalent of taking 2,800 cars off the road for a year

Ramborn Cider claims to be ‘world’s first carbon-negative and B Corp-certified’ cider brand

Carlo Hein, Co-Founder of Ramborn Cider spoke to FNZ about the business journey to achieve its green credentials

IKEA to make half of its restaurant meals plant-based by 2025

The retail giant has also pledged that 80% of the meals it offers will not include red meat

John Lewis Partnership brings forward net zero target by 15 years to 2035

John Lewis has committed to making all key raw materials in its own-brand products sustainable or recycled by 2025

Tesco’s pilot scheme reduces household food waste by 76%

The six-week initiative, which was delivered by the environmental charity Hubbub, also helped participants save £16.50 every week

Tesco commits to tripling alternative meat sales by 2025

The commitment is part of the retailer’s collaboration with WWF that aims to reduce the environmental impact of food production