Aldi to remove ‘use by’ date on milk

Aldi will replace the ‘use by’ with ‘best before’ on milk to reduce waste

UK’s first SAF terminal underway

The project will be built on Teesside, generating 125,000 tonnes of fuel each year from 2028

How long can your booze last?

Knowing how long your drink lasts can stop waste, research suggests

‘Tesco Tinder’: Match with suppliers to swap excess stock and reduce waste

Tesco Exchange matches suppliers who have too much of a product, such as crops, by-products, ingredients or packaging, with other Tesco suppliers that need it

UN: ‘Making food chains sustainable key to fighting climate change’

Food loss and waste makes up around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions

Food service giant Compass Group issues first sustainable bonds

The bonds will support spending in fleet electrification, renewable energy use and promotion of plant-based products, among others

Aldi scraps best before dates on 60 own brand products to tackle food waste

It is part of the supermarket’s commitment to reduce food waste by 20% by 2025 and halve it by 2030

Sainsbury’s becomes latest supermarket to bin best before dates to cut food waste

The move is expected to help UK households save 11,000 tonnes of food every year – equivalent to around 17m products

Asda ditches best before dates on fresh products to cut food waste

The supermarket will remove the dates from packaged fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits, potatoes, cauliflowers and carrots, from 1st September 2022

Aberdeen University secures £220k to turn waste into hydrogen

The research could see organic matter in food waste, manure, wastewater and other biodegradable waste converted into hydrogen and used to power homes and businesses